Bericht uit Zweden

Kortgeleden ontvingen een mail uit Zweden waarin we attent werden gemaakt op een boek over Philips Data Systems in Zweden. De titel van het boek is ‘The Rise and Fall of Philips Data Systems’.

Onderstaand een samenvatting:

This free e-book, which took a number of years to complete, tells the story of Philips Data Systems in general and Philips Terminal Systems in particular. Philips Terminal Systems was one of the very few European computer manufacturers, perhaps the only one, that managed to occupy the top spot worldwide, with a margin, in a large computer systems market segment over a considerable amount of time. In this case, it was the segment of front-office banking systems from circa 1975 to 1985. The book was designed using many pictures in order for it to be quick and pleasant to browse through while still getting its main points. Hope you enjoy it and recommend it to others interested in European computing history!

Het boek is in te zien onder de rubriek Geschiedenis >> Philips Data Systems Zweden